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Autism Spectrum Information

Autism is a relativity new disorder that we have become aware of in the last 50 years. It is complex and misunderstood, but it is a treatable disorder. Doctors, scientists, and parents all over the world have witnessed recovery is possible. Most parents usually start to notice behaviors defined as autism with in the first…
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From Overwhelm to Fun

I recently read an article in a magazine which resonated with me - about a mother who wanted to get more prepared as a family, but felt a little daunted with the task. So she decided to make a game of it and have each person gather what they would need. She made a list…
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Let There Be Light!

Rod and I recently visited with his sister from California, and she encouraged me to mention to others how vital it was to not only have water on hand, but a source of light nearby. They experienced an earthquake about a year ago, and the most surprising part — was how difficult it was to…
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