Preparation Brings Peace

This morning on the news they said Hurricane Ana is supposed to hit Hawaii on Friday. They showed families peacefully walking out of stores with cases of toilet paper, diapers, shelf-stable milk and bottled water. I was glad they were “preparing for the worst and praying for the best.” When Rod and I happen to be in the Hawaiian Islands during Hurricane Iniki, we heard that phrase over and over on the local radio station. So grateful were we able to be unharmed during that incredible week. Wow!

Back to the present, last Wednesday evening Rod and I went to a football game of our grandson, and sitting in front of us, two young mothers chatted. I couldn’t help but overhear one lady who was truly unaware that the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa has come to America, and the vast problems this outbreak inferred. I saw her eyes widen as she asked, “So there’s 21 days without symptoms, and once it takes hold, they usually die?” She looked scared.  With a beautiful young family, I hoped she had done on-going preparedness measures. I hoped she was building up the health of her children, plus having vital things on hand in their home.

Also in the news, several Cincinnati schools were closing to help prevent exposure from the Texas nurse who helped the African patient who died. She flew there and now is ill with Ebola. These proactive quarantines may spread over the nation, and we must all be ready for it. Be strong and full of faith. We’ve been warned. We must be proactive, prevent problems, and persistently prepare for these types of scenarios.


Elayne Pearson
Mom on a Mission


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