Pioneer Remedies… Still Prudent Today!

Every pioneer family had a collection of herbal remedies which were made with local natural resources which ranged from flowers, bark, clay, berries, weeds, vinegar, to mutton tallow and herbs. Buy some books and you will be amazed at their varied benefits.

Joseph Smith and Brigham Young both had lost confidence in the medical field, and encouraged members to turn from what they called doctor's poison pills, to herbs, faith, and a mild diet for any illness. In 1857, Brigham Young said, "It is God's mind and will that every father and mother should know just what to do for their children when they are sick. Instead of calling for a doctor, you should administer to them by the laying on of hands and anointing with oil, and giving them mild food, and herbs, and medicine you understand."

While some of this seems pretty strange, modern-day science has confirmed many of them are absolutely valid healing tools, especially herbs. They are safe and effective when used with consistency and common sense. Today, they still are great remedies for God's children. Consider learning and build your collection of herbal remedies for your family.

1. ANTIVIRAL- Dandelion (leaves/root), garlic, olive leaf, oregano, and licorice root. These herbs as teas or in capsule form have been great to fight colds and flu, etc. Antiviral herbs are also helpful for deep seeded conditions, such as cold sores, canker sores, eczema, chicken pox, and measles. 

2. ANTI-SPASMODIC - Valerian, vervain, chamomile, spearmint, wild yam, and passion flower. May be used to relax the nerves and ease muscle pain, cramping and twitching. These also calm the mind. 

3. BLOOD PURIFIER - Burdock, yellow dock, dandelion, peach bark, red clover, and sage. Effective internal cleansers. Externally, helps skin disorders like rashes, acne, allergies, and chicken pox. 

4. DECONGESTANT - Fennel, marshmallow, fenugreek, and mullein. Used to break up congestion. Slippery Elm has been effectively used to ease sore throats and inflammation of the GI tract. 

5. IMMUNE BOOSTER - Echinacea, garlic, yarrow, ginseng, and milk thistle. These teas or capsules can be given every 2 hours at the first sign of acute illness to boost the body's ability to fight it off. 

6. ANTIBIOTIC - Garlic, echinacea, and oregano. Use to fight infection. Raw honey is also antibiotic.

7. TOPICAL DEMULCENT - Aloe vera gel. Make a natural salve with crushed chickweed or comfrey. Bentonite clay (hydrated with water for a paste). Soothes minor burns, abrasions, bites and stings. 

8. STIMULANT - Ginger, capsicum (cayenne or red pepper). Used to enhance circulation, treat shock (use under tongue) and warm up the body when cold. Cayenne pepper can stop bleeding wounds too. 

9. ABSORBANT - Activated Charcoal, slippery elm, and bentonite clay. May be applied topically to bites, rashes, and stings to "draw out" poison. Internally, these all have been used successfully for diarrhea, food poisoning, upset stomach, gas and bloating, as well as "sour stomach." 

10. GENERAL ACTIVATOR - Peppermint, sage, slippery elm, capsicum (also called cayenne or red pepper), mullein, rose hips, yarrow, and golden seal. Take at the first sign of illness with plenty of water. Can be safely administered in small frequent doses (every 15-60 min) for children & adults. 

11. CARMINATIVE - Peppermint, fennel, ginger, parsley, and catnip. Used to settle upset stomach, vomiting, and ease colic, cramping, gas, and diarrhea. Ginger may also help reduce dizziness. 

12. TOPICAL ANAGESIC BLEND - Safflower oil, wintergreen oil, menthol, camphor, and ginger. Massage into sore muscles. Can be rubbed on neck for sore throat, down neck sides for earaches. 

13. HORMONE BALANCE - Blessed thistle, holy thistle. Used for balancing hormones at puberty, during the menstrual cycle years, and menopause. Strengthens uterus and is helpful for a variety of female problems. Blessed thistle supports nursing mothers if needing to increase their milk supply. 

14. WOUNDS - Honey (raw) is a natural antibiotic, and contains essential amino acids plus protein.


Elayne Pearson
Mom on a Mission


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