Let There Be Light!

Rod and I recently visited with his sister from California, and she encouraged me to mention to others how vital it was to not only have water on hand, but a source of light nearby. They experienced an earthquake about a year ago, and the most surprising part — was how difficult it was to not be able to see ANY THING! She said they were very disoriented, even in their own home, and could not find matching shoes to protect them from broken glass, fallen objects, etc.  Unfortunately, their flash lights were not handy enough to find in the utter darkness.

She learned a hard lesson and later bought light units which plug into electrical outlets to charge up a good quality flashlight, plus are also nightlights as they’re doing it. Then, if the power goes out, they light up the area and have a fully charged flashlight ready to go.  They loved their new flashlights so much she gave one to every household of her husband’s family for a Christmas gift. (She said they were about $10.00 from Home Depot.)

Let’s think about doing the same, or better yet, solar style or hand crank flashlights which generate light without any batteries or electricity.  

Also, there are many styles of family-friendly “Light Sticks” that glow nicely from chemical activation. “Glow tubes” are a safe light alternative for children or individuals with special needs instead of burning candles, lanterns, flairs, (and fireworks) etc., in an emergency or camping.  Keep in mind they last for several hours, and have a nice glow, but are a “one time” use.  Also, I’m not sure if they “expire” in storage.  They’re cheap and don’t take much room to store, so please pick some up for your 96 hr. Evacuation kit/Home Emergency kit/Car kits, you’ll be glad you did!


Elayne Pearson

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