From Overwhelm to Fun

I recently read an article in a magazine which resonated with me - about a mother who wanted to get more prepared as a family, but felt a little daunted with the task. So she decided to make a game of it and have each person gather what they would need. She made a list of things for the baby, like formula, diapers and wipes, and for her husband, like heavy gloves, a flashlight/spare batteries, and cash/quarters. Food, toilet paper and sanitation supplies were added to the list. The children played a “scavenger hunt” game and gathered up their clothes, sturdy shoes, a blanket, and a favorite toy/book. Those who wore contact lenses found a spare pair of glasses. Together, they decided what was best and what they needed for 3-4 days, without going into a fearful mode, and remained positive and proactive.

In regarding emergency storage, I advise everyone to have portable containers with the following: water; food requiring no refrigeration or cooking; (for example: peanut butter, crackers, raisins, apple sauce, and nuts) – also a can opener; medications and critical medical histories as needed; full change of clothing, including sturdy shoes and two pairs of socks; sanitary supplies; first aid booklet and equipment; candles; waterproof matches; ax; shovel; and blankets. You also will want to prepare a portable packet with valuable family documents, such as health records, bank and insurance and precious family photos in your records. Some people also use a digital device to store vital info. also offers some helpful suggestions to anyone preparing emergency supplies.


Elayne Pearson
Mom on a Mission

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