Easy Breezy Foods

No Cooking or Refrigeration ~ Easy to Serve and Share

Think about it, there are a lot of emergency situations where the power goes down, like earthquakes, fire, flooding, tornado, severe winter storms, hurricanes and more. Feeding the family when the electricity is out is a challenge for most moms. (Frozen food is hard and cold, and there's no driving to fast food–as they're likely down, too.) So, it's vital that you stock up on foods which are easy and ready. Many emergencies last over a week, so get enough for 2 weeks, then KEEP STORING after that. "Action Lessons Anxiety!"

Remember, these will help through a short term situation, but not long term. 

__ Crackers /Peanut butter - Combo is like mini sandwiches. (We substitute Triscuits for soda crackers.)

__ Tuna  Pack - They're a handy source of protein, plus, have the healthy omega oils most people need more of.

__ Canned Pasta /Olives - Most canned pasta tastes okay when not heated, and olives are just fun for kids.

__ Beef/Turkey Jerky - Has been used for ever because the salt preserves it. However, you may get thirsty!

__ Rice Cakes /Jelly/jam/ or Cheese spread in a jar/can - These can be used for variety.

__ Trail Mix (Nuts, fruit, seeds, coconut flakes, raisins) - This is a nice way to get a variety in your meals.

__ V8 Juice -bottled Juice - V8 is a source of veggies. (We like pineapple or grape juice in the small cans.)

__ Applesauce cans/Canned Fruit - Fruit is naturally sweet and may help ease some stressful feelings.

__ Nuts/Sunflower Seeds /Corn nuts - Almonds help raise blood sugar. Salted nuts also increase thirst.

__ Breakfast Bars /Energy Bars /Granola Bars - Are portable and have "energy boosters" in them.

__ Raisins/Fruit Snack Packets - The dried fruit needs no refrigeration or cooking, can be easily shared.

__ Packet of Dry Milk/Canned Milk/Breakfast Cereal - Experiment with new alternatives now.

__ Fruit cups /Pudding cups - These treats may taste sweet, but pudding is usually loaded with chemicals.

__ Cocoa Mix/Gatorade Mix /Fruit Punch Mix - Instant drinks add a nice variety, but require water.

__ Cookies/Hard  Candies - They're what are called "comfort foods" and may be just what you'll all enjoy!


Elayne Pearson
Mom on a Mission


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