Discover Double-Duty Items!

In keeping with advice from RoseAnn Brandley, a preparedness motivational speaker from Cache County, to always try to gather items with multiple uses—so I’ll spotlight an item which has more than one use. It’s DENTAL FLOSS, and it’s great in first-aid kits and all your Disaster Supplies Kits. You can easily acquire plenty of it, because it's very cheap, found at any dollar or drug store, it’s compact to pack/store, it’s clean, and it is surprisingly strong.

Dental floss has numerous uses in an emergency setting:  of course for teeth flossing when regular brushing is minimally available, but also it is a source of strong thread for torn items, (be sure and find/pack a few strong needles with a wide enough “eye” also). You can use it as a sturdy string to tie things together. Dental floss could also be used to create the pioneer game “Cat’s cradle” for “bored” children if/when there may be no electricity, TV/media.

If we find ourselves in extreme conditions—dental floss has been used for fishing line, (pack some hooks), lashing things together (like splints for injuries), creating booby-traps, or a snare, etc.

It's cheap it's versatile, get some!


Elayne Pearson
Mom on a Mission


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