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Pinching pennies? A-Z ideas of nifty tips to be more thrifty

When my husband Rod and I were when raising four daughters, including Heidi, affected by Down syndrome and autism, I frequently felt tired and broke. Heck, I hoped just stretching our dollars counted as my workout. We welcomed Heidi, disabilities and all, and vowed to build a good life.  Having frugal parents helped us learn […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 05-24-2018

Alternative junior prom for Miss Heidi heals one and all

Most mothers confess their child’s Junior Prom is something she looks forward to with pride and joy. For me, dreaming about the magical night with a formal dinner and dance for Miss Heidi Ann brought fear and dread. Bless her heart. Even though Heidi was in high school, she was in Special Education, and was […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 04-19-2018

‘Lights out’ and still awake? Try these 10 tips for better sleep

With the Daylight Saving Time program implemented in the United States, I’m reminded once again just how vital sleep is. Guess I’m not alone, because World Sleep Day was March 14 and March is also National Sleep Awareness Month. It sounds self-evident that “a good day begins with a good night sleep,”  but to those […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 03-29-2018

Lessons from Vince Lombardi, and teamwork tips for your home team

Our family enjoyed watching the Super Bowl this year. Even though we were in various locations, we texted comments and emojis back and forth. Both teams were truly amazing, and I would have been happy for either team to win. My incredible father was raised in New England, in Massachusetts, so I am partial to […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 02-27-2018

A wonderful, crazy quilt as a heartfelt gift to you

You’ve heard of writer’s block, when creativity slows, right? If you have relatives who sew quilts, you’ve likely heard of quilt blocks. Generally, they’re squares of colorful fabric carefully designed, cut, and sewn, connected with coordinating boarders, and bound with cotton batting in-between — creating a lovely quilt. Anyway, December arrived quickly, with articles, blogs, […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 12-07-2017

Finding the good, feeling gratitude in our family’s special-needs experience

Every November, most folks envision a tantalizing turkey dinner with relatives for reconnection, recollection and relaxation. For others, Thanksgiving is about watching a big ballgame on television, or getting a jump on early Christmas shopping sprees. Some families show their gratitude by serving others who are less fortunate. My hope is that all Americans may […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 11-22-2017

Special needs tips for keeping those pearly whites healthy

It has been a blazing hot summer, which means cooling off with popsicles, soda pop, and ice cream! Ahhh… Unfortunately, those treats are hard on teeth, and during the lazy days of summer, brushing is usually a struggle, especially for families affected by special needs. Many weary moms confide that dental hygiene often gets dropped. […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 07-27-2017

Have special-needs challenges with hair care? Try these tips

In the late 1980s, people with disabilities were being seen more and more in mainstream media and society. My husband, Rod, and I, vowed we would never keep Heidi (our sweet little daughter with Down syndrome) shielded at home like families often did in the past. Heidi’s sisters were proud of her, too, despite frequent […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 06-29-2017

Grappling with genius, goals and special-needs graduation

It’s May and graduation announcements are arriving. While I’m happy for each student, it occasionally picks at an old wound from Heidi’s high school graduation (or the lack thereof). I ponder if we did the right thing by not having our painfully shy, disabled daughter, participate in commencement exercises. It’s often hard to know whose […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 05-11-2017

A stress management umbrella can help weather life’s storms

While growing up my mother used to remind her four children of positive ideals with this little ditty “April showers bring May flowers!” Then she would add the riddle, “If April showers bring May flowers, what do ‘Mayflowers’ bring?” One of us kids would smile and proudly answer, “Pilgrims!” Like any good parent, Mom tried […]
Author: Elayne Pearson
Posted: 04-06-2017