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Preparation Brings Peace

This morning on the news they said Hurricane Ana is supposed to hit Hawaii on Friday. They showed families peacefully walking out of stores with cases of toilet paper, diapers, shelf-stable milk and bottled water. I was glad they were “preparing for the worst and praying for the best.” When Rod and I happen to…
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Please Prepare Your Pets

Hopefully we are creating family preparedness plans and reviewing them occasionally, but let’s not forget about our pets. Here are a few tips from the book It’s a Disaster! And what are YOU gonna do about it? If authorities indicate a need for evacuation, do NOT leave pets behind to fend for themselves.   If you…
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Cooking with Food Storage

When most women read that title, they think… YIKES! I recently attended an excellent event about Holistic Living, and really enjoyed the  interesting the variety of classes and Expo floor. I learned so much.  One of the best parts of the expo was tasting samples from the various booths. I was especially impressed with the…
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