Build Your Own Natural First-Aid Kit . . . From Tragedy to Triumph

(This is from a Family Times Magazine article)

I thought chemicals were a blessing of this modern era, but our family learned that they are the last thing our child with special health challenges needs. Heidi was a loving child with Down syndrome, that became quite another person after too many chemicals, vaccines, and prescriptions overwhelmed her fragile system. Heidi became dual-diagnosed Down syndrome and autism. Eventually, I became educated about chemicals, and diligently detoxified her polluted little body. Thankfully, that also significantly helped unlock her trapped emotions. Today, she's well, and we're sticking with good old fashioned remedies that are safe, economical and surprisingly efficient. We feel a natural first-aid kit empowers parents.

1. Aloe Vera Gel: You know it cools sunburns, but did you know it also soothes scrapes and insect bites? The aloe vera plant offers antibacterial properties so it may also be used on cuts, blemishes and eczema. It can be a shaving gel, too. Herbalists and naturopaths recommend food grade Aloe Vera (from a health food store) to help soothe an inflamed GI tract, and it naturally contains helpful minerals.

2. Epsom Salts: Traditionally, this was used to soak away sore muscles after strenuous yard work or sports. This simply home remedy is magnesium sulfate, and can also be used as a natural laxative. My favorite way is a couple of cups in a hot bath tub for our disabled daughter, Heidi, to soak in. Her "DAN doctor" (Bio-medical protocol) recommend this economical method.  The magnesium is calming to her central nervous system, and the sulfate is a gentle detox of the chemicals that tend to collect in us all.

3. Tea Tree (melaleuca) Oil: It's an essential oil, similar to eucalyptus, frankincense, and lavender oils. My nickname for tea tree oil is "first-aid-kit-in-a-bottle." Many studies confirm various essential oils to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, and more, so it gradually helps our family be equipped against any "flu-bug" or illness. I keep extra bottles in my car, purse, and emergency packs.

4. Bentonite Clay: It's a wonderful natural remedy that is multipurpose for internal and external needs. Adding a little water makes a helpful paste that is anti-inflammatory for most skin problems such as hives, acne, and psoriasis. A lesser known method is internally, because over time, it can soothe GI tract complications of stomach and bowel issues. It gently detoxifies, as it binds and expels chemicals and harmful substances. Stir 1 tsp. into a glass of water/juice and drink. We like the Redmond brand.

5. Baking Soda: Years ago, "soda baths" (a few handfuls from the common bright yellow box) helped our daughters get through the chicken pox. Making a paste by added some water and dabbing on bug bites, hives, and seasonal rashes can also reduce itching. Baking soda baths may also helps in a holistic manner, in that it can neutralizes negative emotions. We truly feel more clear and balanced afterward.

6. Insect Repellant: We use a nice spray of blended citronella, lemongrass, and peppermint oils that I purchase at health food stores. No harmful chemicals. Mosquitoes don't like the smell of it, but we do.

7. Coconut Oil: Research finally confirms coconut oil is an excellent replacement of unhealthy fats in our diet. I also replaced chemically-laden lotions with this cheap way to soothe peeling skin, cracked heels, and remove my make-up. It is also a natural sun screen to protect your skin without chemicals.

(These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. No guarantees. Use common sense.)


Elayne Pearson
Mom on a Mission


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